2 Key Ideas When Using a Dark Palette in Your Kitchen Remodelling Project

Posted on: 1 August 2017

If you're remodelling your kitchen, then you may be considering using the dark palette that is a hugely popular design trend right now. Blacks, dark greys and navies are being used increasingly for features such as benchtops, cabinetry and hardware. Although this is a stylish, attractive and contemporary look, it's easy for a kitchen to become a dull room that's overwhelmed by the use of dark colours. Here are two key ideas that will ensure that your kitchen is still a bright and light space to spend time in.

1. Break up the dark colours

When opting for a predominantly dark palette in your kitchen, it's important to add contrast and light by breaking up the darker colours with some lighter hues. You can do this by adding small splashes of colours on elements such as the splashback, lighting features and details on dark cabinetry or benchtops.

For a monochromatic look, whites and light greys work wonderfully. You can also opt for splashes of brighter shades such as teal, yellow or orange, which are all popular colours on this year's design Pantone. For a more natural, earthy look, you can add timber features with light stains to break up the darker palette.

2. Break up matte finishes

The dark shades of black, navy and grey that are popular in modern kitchen design are generally used with a matte finish. This look is contemporary, chic and is also a practical choice for large expanses of dark colour in a kitchen. Matte finishes are more resistant to greasy spots and fingerprints than a high gloss finish which will show every mark.

However, matte surfaces also suck in any available light. To offset this, you'll need to include some high gloss surfaces to allow light to bounce around the room and maintain an airy feel. Polished stone elements, glass splashbacks, reflective tiles and polished metal sinks and appliances are all great ways to achieve this.

A kitchen remodelling project using a mostly dark palette is an elegant, modern and beautiful look if it's pulled off correctly. If you're unsure how to incorporate this design trend into your new kitchen, then talk to your local kitchen remodelling contractor. They can help you to come up with a kitchen design that provides the right contrast of dark and light surfaces and matte and high gloss surfaces to create a balanced and beautiful look for your home.


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