Should You Switch All Your Faucets To Mixers?

Posted on: 26 September 2018

For some people, a remodelling project comprises making significant changes to one area of the home to boost functionality or add space. However, remodelling your house does not have to be about having a huge budget to change the appearance of the premises. Instead, you could elect to make minor changes that will still impact the usefulness of your home. One such change is switching out your faucets to mixers. Read on for reasons why switching out all your taps to mixers will be advantageous to you for the long term.

Mixers allow for enhanced temperature control

When you have conventional faucets, you have to struggle with getting the right temperature of water for your needs. This struggle is especially prevalent when you want to soak in the tub. One minute the water is too hot, the next it is too cold, and eventually, you end up with lukewarm bath water. With mixers, you have full control over the temperature settings since you control the calefaction as the water flows out of your tapware. And once you are satisfied with the degree of heat, you can let the water flow until your tub is filled!

Mixers contribute to water conservation and increased savings

For people who may think that mixers are a waste of money if they already have functional tapware, they should think again. There is an abundance of savings that you can make once you choose to have your remodelling contractor install this type of tapware in your home. One feature of mixers that is not found in traditional tapware is a flow limiter. This flow limiter functions to prevent excessive water being drawn from both your hot and cold water plumbing pipes. Therefore, you will most likely use less water for your needs, are prone to running out of hot water. As a result, you find that you are saving costs on your hot water usage since you will not be utilising as much as before. Additionally, since mixers allow for enhanced control over your flow of water, your household will stop wasting this resource unknowingly. And this translates in savings in your utility costs.

Mixers are highly adaptable

A characteristic of traditional tapware is that you need to buy different kinds for your needs. For instance, the tapware on your bathtub will differ from the tapware on your sinks. Not to mention that showers will need utterly different tapware altogether. Mixers circumvent this issue since they can adapt to any part of your home. From your kitchen to the shower, you can install mixers all around your house.

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