Why Professional Restumping Is a Process You Can't Undermine

Posted on: 3 September 2019

Restumping isn't a new term, especially to people who live in marshy areas or those in areas where the water content level is high. Whether you have installed wooden or concrete stumps under your house, you should inspect them regularly to know when they need to be replaced. Homes with timber stumps often require restumping if they have some unresolved foundation issues. Besides being a suitable prey to termites, wood stumps rot quickly if they are exposed to moisture always. However, restumping is the most appropriate makeover you need if the stumps under your house are damaged. See why restumping your house is critical today:

Floor Damage Repair

Your floor becomes uneven when you have some damaged stumps. Damaged stumps will destroy your home's overall appearance within a short time. Even though you spent more time and money designing and decorating your home, the decorations made will go to waste once the floors become uneven. The cracks on your floor show that some areas don't get inadequate support. The squeaking sounds you get when walking on the floor indicate that the stumps of your house have deteriorated. The damaged floors that the deteriorated stumps cause aren't only visually unappealing, but they also compromise safety measures in your home. Finding an experienced restumping contractor will solve all these problems.

Floods No Longer Bother You

If you have built your house in an area prone to floods, you should restump it to avoid floods and have peace of mind. People in flood-prone areas get distressed whenever the rainy season is about to begin since they know the mess to expect. Look for restumping contractors who know the best tools and technology to use to take your house several feet above the ground. Go for sturdier and stronger restumping materials, especially if you live in an area that is usually hit by a storm.

Doors and Windows Are Easily Fixed

Damaged or cracked stumps cause uneven floors in most homes. If the problem isn't addressed early, it leads to misaligned windows and doors. This means your doors and windows won't close or open easily when misaligned. If your windows and doors are misaligned, contact a restumping contractor to come and replace the stumps to restore proper alignment. The problem would aggravate and lead to enormous repairs if you don't act fast when you notice any misalignment.

Things have changed today, and most people don't just use timber when stumping their homes. Some use galvanised steel stumps while others go for concrete stumps. Concrete and galvanised steel pumps aren't prone to most of the problems that wood stumps face. They don't rot, termites don't attack them, they don't warp over time, and they are easily adjustable on-site. Get restumping contractors to restump your house and maintain its structural integrity.


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