Two reasons why you need a contractor to lay the ceiling tiles when you remodel your home

Posted on: 10 December 2019

If you want to fit some new ceiling tiles when you remodel your home, you will need to have a remodelling contractor do this, rather than trying to undertake this work yourself. Read on to understand why.

You might align the tiles incorrectly if you lay them yourself

One of the main reasons why you need to get this job done by someone who specialises in ceiling tile installation is that if you lay the tiles yourself, you may align them incorrectly. This is, unfortunately, a very easy mistake to make when fitting tiles on a ceiling, as it can be tricky to determine if the guideline markings you place on the ceiling are at the correct angles when you're looking up at them whilst standing on the floor.

If you make mistakes in regards to the alignment, the tiled ceiling will look warped and unsightly by the time you have finished. This could have a detrimental impact on the entire room's symmetry and create strange, 'funhouse' mirror effect. Getting this ceiling fixed could be a nightmare, as the contractor you employ to tackle this work would need to remove each of the tiles in a painstakingly slow manner in order to minimise the damage that doing this inflicts on these materials (so that the tiles can be reused) before they begin the re-installation process.

Conversely, if a remodelling contractor were assigned this work in the first place, they could use their own expertise and specialist equipment (such as laser level machines, electronic distance measurers and folding square tools) to ensure that the ceiling tiles they installed are perfectly aligned.

You may spoil the other remodelling work you do in the room if you make mistakes when laying the ceiling tiles

Choosing not to employ a remodelling contractor to install the ceiling tiles could also lead to you spoiling the changes you make to other parts of the room. For example, if you don't use enough adhesive when fitting these tiles, some of them may fall down at some point. If the tiles are made from a heavy material, they could, for example, create chips in your new wooden floors or scratch your new marble fireplace when they fall off.

A remodelling contractor who has fitted ceiling tiles dozens of times before, on the other hand, will not make this kind of disastrous error, as they will know precisely how much adhesive is required to keep the tiles permanently in place.

For more information on ceiling tile installation, contact a remodelling contractor.


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