Reasons To Select A Stone Kitchen Benchtop

Posted on: 25 June 2020

Kitchen countertops come in various materials; each of which presents its own ambience and functionality. One option to consider is natural stone. Here are several reasons to make this choice. 

Different Beautiful Hues

Stone benchtops are available in black, white, pink, green, fawn and a multitude of other shades. Such variety allows you to match the counter to other components such as the splashback and cabinetry. You could blend white cupboards with creamy stone or add drama with black veined rock, for example. 

More Colour Depth and Variety Than Timber And Laminate

Natural stone doesn't present dull, flat surfaces—the different hues interweave and mix in attractive ways. For instance, a mainly green counter might have streaks of grey, black and cream, as well as different greenish tints. Or a bench might show multi-tones of speckled yellow, tan, cream and black. Timber doesn't offer such artistic patterns, and manufactured products like laminate can't replicate this organic blend in the factory.


Natural stone creates durable counters that withstand the rigours of kitchen life. You'll need, however, to follow expert recommendations and care. Seal your benchtop when required and use cutting boards and trivets to prevent scratches and scorching. By looking after your stone, it will provide many years of pleasure and enjoyment with its attractive and hardy surface.

Suits Many Kitchen Styles

One benefit of stone's durability is that it can outlast several kitchen renovations, and because stone harmonises with different styles, you can redecorate around it. Exchange contoured white cupboards, and timber floorboards that set off classic grey-streaked marble in a country kitchen—to raw wood cupboards, brickwork surfaces and exposed plumbing in an industrial style decor, for instance.

Finish Options

You can finish the counter in diverse ways, and each will evince a different look. Polished stone adds depth with reflections from windows and other bright elements. You might not consciously note particular shadows and shapes, but they'll give a sense of dimension to the kitchen all the same—as if the counter extends further within. Additionally, a pale hue will bounce light around the kitchen, providing a brighter ambience. Other more rustic finish options include honed and leathered stone, which gives a satin glow and textured effect respectively. 

Thus, as well as lasting many years, a natural stone countertop will provide countless colour and pattern options. You can also adapt its level of shine and smoothness with your choice of finish.


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