Reasons to Place an Engineered Stone Bench in Your Kitchen

Posted on: 22 January 2021

You may love natural stone benches, but don't want the hassle of caring for them. On the other hand, manufactured materials like laminate don't offer as beautiful an aesthetic. A possible intermediate option that is both easy to care for and natural-looking is engineered stone. To find out why you should set up one of these countertops in your kitchen, consider the following.

Consistent Hues and Textures

Engineered stone benches consist of a mixture of crushed rock and bonding resins cast into various countertop shapes and sizes. In this way, manufacturers control the final colours and textures by selecting the stone to be added. For instance, they can combine pink, fawn, and creamy quartz to create a distinct look. Or they could mix dark charcoal, bronze, and yellow crushed stone for a different pattern. Because of this controlled process, engineered stone presents uniform patterns which do not fluctuate enormously. 

Conversely, natural stone deviates according to the mineral deposits inside the slab and the location from which it originates. This inconsistency can make it difficult to form a cohesive kitchen design, especially if you need to connect multiple slabs to cover your bench area.

Colour Diversity 

Engineered stone counters are available in diverse colours and textures that match different kitchen styles and colour schemes. Whether you want a light or dark benchtop, cool or warm tones, you'll be able to find one to suit. Unlike 100% manufactured materials, though, engineered stone contains crushed rock, so it's filled with beautiful natural tones. Materials such as laminate might also be available in plenty of colours, but all of them are fabricated and not so appealing.


Benchtops bear the brunt of daily cooking and food preparation, so they need to be continuously wiped and cleaned. Thus, whatever you spread around the kitchen must be able to stand up to such treatment. Engineered stone provides a non-porous and resistant surface area. You won't need to worry about sealing the benchtop, as the resins create an ultra-resilient protective cover. On the contrary, natural stone is porous and requires regular sealing. But even so, there's no guarantee that it won't scratch, etch, or stain.

Engineered kitchen benchtops provide a middle option between totally natural or manufactured options. Because they're filled with natural crushed rock, the surfaces display beautiful shades. However, as manufacturers control the particular stones they add, they have control over the design. You'll have a choice of consistently coloured counters with diverse looks. For more information, contact local remodelling contractors. 


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