Two Tips for a Cheap and Cheerful Bathroom Renovation Project

Posted on: 21 April 2021

Below are a few suggestions to take note of if you want the bathroom renovations your remodelling contractor will be doing to be cheap and cheerful.

Have them change just a few parts of your shower or bath

Replacing an entire bathtub or shower is rarely cheap. If your shower or bath looks like it's past its prime, but your bathroom renovation budget is too small to replace the whole thing, don't worry; you can transform this feature without doing this. All you need to do is have the contractor replace some of its least expensive parts.

For example, provided your bathtub doesn't have cracks, you should keep the tub and fit a new panel and some new taps. Even the nicest panels won't cost anywhere near the price of a whole new tub and, as long as you stick to a common tap material (like stainless steel), rather than a costly rare one (like gold) you can get some nicely-designed ones that won't be painfully expensive.

Similarly, if you have a shower cubicle whose glass doors are marked with water spots you can't get out, and which are scratched, you should keep the base of the cubicle and just let the contractor install some new glass doors. In combination with a new shower hose and head (a chrome version of these components should very inexpensive), this will make the shower look new again but will cost much less than installing an entirely new shower.

Re-do the grouting on your bathroom tiles

If your bathroom tiles aren't cracked or falling off, but just seem to look dull and old, no matter how clean they are, you might have discussed replacing them with your contractor. However, if your fund for these bathroom renovations is small, this might not be the best idea. Because of the large number of tiles that are usually needed to retile some or all of a bathroom, it can be expensive, even if you buy cheap tiles.

Instead, you should get the contractor to re-do the grouting between them. Much like replacing the silicone beading around a bathtub can instantly refresh that tub's appearance, re-doing the grouting around your bathroom tiles with a neutral-coloured grout will give them a cleaner and newer look. Grout is cheap and it won't take the contractor too long to do this job (which means the labour fee will be quite modest).

For more information, reach out to a local bathroom renovations service today.


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