Ways to Bring Nature into Your Kitchen during a Renovation

Posted on: 20 October 2021

When renovating a kitchen, it can be hard to narrow down your options with so many choices available. One approach to design is to focus on bringing nature into the decor. Here are several ways to go about this.


A room flooded with natural daylight feels more welcoming than a dark space that requires artificial light in the daytime. So think about how you can let more light stream into your kitchen. You might be able to install a skylight. Because they face upwards, these openings bring in about more illumination than a similar-proportioned vertical window. The skylight captures direct light while a wall window collects reflected light from the ground and nearby objects. A skylight can also be centrally placed on the ceiling to brighten all room areas, whereas a vertical window is on one side.

If the area doesn't accommodate a skylight, you might opt for a sun tunnel instead. These openings transport light from a dome on the roof through a channel that extends inside the tunnel. Consider also how you can maximise incoming light in the vertical window by trimming any foliage that may block the view. Keep the blinds or coverings sleek to not obstruct the window as well.

Timber Flooring

Another way to bring nature indoors is to install natural materials such as timber flooring. You can choose between species such as blackbutt, Tasmanian oak or jarrah. Possible colours include blonde, dark brown and reddish wood. You'll be able to find timber planks to flatter any kitchen. If you don't want to install solid timber planks, you could opt for engineered timber. This flooring has a plywood core that's more stable than solid wood, so it doesn't expand or shrink as temperature changes like timber does. Thus, engineered boards can better withstand the kitchen environment.

Stone Benchtop

Natural stone benchtops provide a way to bring organic patterns into the kitchen. You could pick granite, which comes in shades of brown, grey, green and yellow. Alternatively, opt for marble with its translucent look and distinctive veining. Dark-coloured granite is often harder than light-toned granite. And granite is typically harder than marble. Regardless, make sure to seal your countertop regularly to help prevent etching and damage.

Stone offers a lot of diversity, so you can choose more uniform or dramatic slabs during home renovations. If you look at a particular benchtop in person, you'll know exactly what you're getting. This is wise as each rock piece fluctuates naturally, according to nature. Reach out to a professional to discuss what home renovations you want. 


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